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Yoga Headstand Wood Stool with PVC Pads
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Introducing our versatile yoga headstand bench, designed to enhance your yoga practice with comfort and stability, and double as practical home furniture. Overview ● Relax your mind and body with easy and simple yoga ● Provide stability with solid wooden structure ● Soft thickened sponge pad provides a comfortable touch ● Removable design for easy storage and carrying ● Convenient assembly under the guidance of the instructions ● Exercise multiple parts such as waist, legs, abdomen, arms ● Use as a sofa/chair and a shoe replacement stool ● 2 crossbars help support the whole stool ● Max weight capacity can reach 440 lbs Key Features ● **Benefits of Headstand:** Ideal for those with sub-health concerns, headstands can alleviate fatigue, enhance blood circulation and digestion, and strengthen the body. Inverting for 5 minutes is akin to two hours of sleep. ● **Fully Exercise Your Body:** This versatile yoga stool supports various yoga postures, including waist and leg exercises, hip movements, and yoga block exercises, aiding in fat reduction and body sculpting. ● **Convenient Versatility:** Beyond yoga exercises, this stool serves as an ottoman, chair, and shoe changing stool, with a load capacity of 440 pounds to accommodate you and your family, while the soft sponge cushion offers a comfortable experience. ● **Sturdy and Safe Construction:** Four high-quality wooden legs provide durability, while two thickened crossbars enhance stability. Anti-slip mats protect your floors and ensure safety. ● **Easy Assembly & Space-saving Design:** Comes with clear instructions for simple assembly and disassembly, making it suitable for home, studio, or travel use. Its compact design allows for easy storage and portability. Specifications ● Color: Black ● Material: Wood + PVC ● Product dimension: 24" x 16" x 15.5" (L x W x H) ● Stool surface size: 17.5" x 16" (L x W) ● Distance between feet: 14" ● Weight capacity: 440 lbs ● Net weight: 8 lbs Experience the dual benefits of a robust yoga workout and practical home furniture with our versatile yoga stool, designed for both your fitness journey and everyday comfort.
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Yoga Headstand Bench for Workout Relieve and Fatigue...
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The yoga inversion bench is designed to support safe and comfortable headstand practices. Overview ● Safely and easily perform headstands with the yoga inversion bench ● Sturdy wood frame and soft PU cushion ensure comfort and support ● Removable T-shaped pad doubles as a protective head pad or yoga block ● Enhances core strength, relieves fatigue, and helps maintain a fine figure ● Suitable for use at home, gym, or outdoors with a maximum capacity of 440 lbs ● Easy to clean and maintain with a soft-padded, PU leather-covered cushion ● Simple assembly with included parts and detailed instructions ● Features anti-slip pads for stability and floor protection Key Features ● Sturdy and Safe Construction: Built-in stable H-shaped structure, the feet-up trainer saves you from worrying about cracking or tipping over. It is crafted from solid birch wood that is polished for a fine touch. Thus, the stool can bear up to 440lbs. Besides, there are also anti-slip pads to add stability and avoid scratching the floor. ● Countless Benefits: The yoga headstand bench can help relieve the fatigue of sedentariness, get you energized and allow you to relax in a safer and healthier way. The inverted movement can improve the blood supply of the head, alleviate muscle stiffness, back pain and so on. If you keep practicing, you will find yourself in good health and a fine figure. ● Multi-purpose Yoga Prop: In addition to headstand, you can practice other asana and exercise different body parts with this multi-purpose yoga prop, such as waist exercise, leg exercise, hip movement and yoga block exercise. When you want to have a rest, it can also serve as a mediation bench or a footrest. ● Soft Cushion and Detachable Pad: The soft-padded cushion gives you much comfort and confidence when you are practicing a headstand. The cushion consists of two pads and the T-shaped one is detachable with quick-release screws. The detachable pad can be used as a protective pad under your head or be separated as a yoga block. ● Easy Assembly and Maintenance: This yoga bench comes with complete parts and detailed instructions to make you easily assemble it. Besides, the soft cushion is covered with durable and waterproof PU leather. When it's stained with sweat, you can easily wipe it with a wet cloth. Specifications ● Color: Black/White ● Material: Beechwood, birch wood, PU ● Overall dimension: 24" x 15" x 15.5" ● Pad size: 19" x 16.5" x 3" ● Net weight: 11 lbs ● Weight capacity: 440 lbs Experience the comfort and versatility of our yoga inversion bench – your simple solution to a stronger, healthier you.