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3-in-1 Baby Bassinet with Double-Lock Design and Adjustable...
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-Serve as a standalone bassinet, bedside sleeper and cradle-7-level adjustable heights for beds and sofas of different heights-Equipped straps and retractable legs for better attachment-2-8° tilt angle avoids the baby refluxing-Breathable and visible mesh for better observation-Cozy mattress with zipper for easy cleaning-360° rotatable wheels with brakes for easy movement-Child-friendly details for comfortable and secure use-Hook and loop fasteners for better fixation-Large storage basket for ample storage space-Convenient carry bag for easy transportKey Features● 3-in-1 Convertible Design: This 3-in-1 baby crib is able to serve as a standalone bassinet, beside sleeper and cradle. The fixed straps and adjustable legs help attach the bedside sleeper to the parent's bed firmly. Pressing the rocking button, you can change the baby bassinet into the cradle mode and the amplitude is 10°.● Adjustable Height and Angle: The baby bedside sleeper has 7-position adjustable height that adapts to beds of varying heights. You can alter the height easily with the two-way lock for safety (Step 1: Press the lower button. Step 2: Lift up the upper button). Moreover, the scientific tilt angle of 2-8° prevents the baby from spitting milk.● Upgraded Stability and Safety: Supported by heavy-duty metal frame, the bedside sleeper shows great stability. Also, the soft fabrics with safe and round corners are friendly to the baby's delicate skin. And the ASTM and CPSIA certifications enhance reliability.● Ideal for Newborns and Infants: This infant co-sleeper fits 0-5-month babies who are less than 20 lbs/9 kg. The 2-side breathable and visible mesh features great air circulation and visibility. More, the soft and comfortable mattress ensures coziness. Additionally, the large storage basket holds baby's items within reach.● Easy to Move and Carry: With 4 universal wheels with brakes, the 3-in-1 baby bassinet is easy to move from room to room. The smooth and silent wheels can be locked for extra stability and security. What's more, the 20 lbs/9 kg lightweight and the equipped carry bag make transport easier.Specifications Color Beige/Gray Materials PP, Metal, Linen Cloth, Oxford Fabric Overall Dimension 37.5" x 25.5" x 29-34" Size of Bassinet 34" x 21.5" x 13" Size of Mattress 32" x 20" x 1" Size of Carry Bag 36.5" x 7" x 23" Height from Ground to Mattress 16"-20.8" Recommended Ages 0-5 Months Net Weight 20 lbs Weight Capacity 20 lbs
2-In-1 Baby Bassinet with Mattress and Net - Gallery View 1 of 11 2-In-1 Baby Bassinet with Mattress and Net - Gallery View 2 of 11
2-In-1 Baby Bassinet with Mattress and Net
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Portable Baby Bedside Bassinet with 5-level Adjustable Heights...
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This baby crib offers a versatile 3-in-1 design with adjustable height and angle, ensuring your baby's comfort and safety while providing easy mobility and cleaning. Overview ● Freely converted among the beside sleeper, cradle, and bassinet modes ● 5-position adjustable height is suitable for beds of different heights ● 10° scientific tilt angle avoids baby spilling milk ● Soft and safe mattress with board offers a comfy sleeping experience ● 2-side breathable meshes to observe baby's status ● Very easy to clean with a zipper design ● Sturdy construction with firm steel frame and reinforced bar ● Movable and lockable wheels for mobility and safety ● Equipped straps firmly attach to the bed ● Retractable feet for getting closer to the parent's bed ● Provided travel bag for easy carrying ● Side storage bag for convenient storage ● ASTM and CPSIA certifications for reliability Key Features ● 3-in-1 Convertible Design: This baby beside crib combines beside sleeper mode, cradle mode, and baby bassinet mode in one, meeting various needs and allowing parents to keep their newborn close. ● Adjustable Height and Angle: Features 5-position adjustable heights to fit different beds and an individual side height control for a scientific 10° tilt angle to prevent baby vomiting. ● Movable and Portable Beside Crib: Equipped with 4 smooth wheels with brakes for easy movement and an Oxford travel bag for portability during trips. ● Thoughtful Details: Includes a skin-friendly border, 2-side breathable meshes for visibility, a soft mattress with a board for comfort, and a side storage bag for convenience. ● Easy Assembly and Cleaning: Comes with detailed instructions for assembly, straps to attach to the bed, and a zipper design for hassle-free cleaning. Specifications ● Color: Beige/Grey/Pink ● Material: Steel, Plastic, Linen Fabric, 210D Oxford Fabric ● Overall Dimension: 34" x 25" x 26"/28"/29"/30"/32" (L x W x H) ● Size of Mattress: 30" x 17" x 1" (L x W x Thickness) ● Height from the Ground to the Mattress: 12"/13"/15"/16"/17" ● Net Weight: 46 lbs ● Weight Capacity: 20 lbs ● Recommended Ages: 0-5 Months This versatile baby crib adapts to your growing needs, ensuring your little one's comfort and safety with its adjustable, portable, and easy-to-clean design.
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Travel Portable Baby Bed Side Sleeper Bassinet Crib...
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This bedside crib offers adjustable height and angle, easy cleaning, and secure attachment to the parent's bed for convenient and safe infant care. Overview ● A detachable sidebar and two fixed ropes can be easily attached to the parents' bed ● Bedside crib is good for taking care of kids at night and improving sleep quality ● Retractable feet make it easy to place beside the bed and the sofa ● 4 adjustable heights to meet the different needs of parents ● Tilt angle will effectively prevent the baby from refluxing and spitting milk ● Two-side mesh plays a good ventilation role, observe the baby’s condition anytime ● Comfortable and detachable mattress to protect baby’s spine ● Detachable and washable linen cloth, more cleaner to use ● Stable bottom supported makes the whole more durable and sturdy ● Safer to protect your child's health with ASTM certification ● Lightweight design and carry bag makes transportation easy Key Features ● Detachable Sidebar and Retractable Feet: Easily attach this bedside sleeper to the parent's bed with a detachable sidebar and retractable feet for convenient nighttime care and improved sleep quality. ● Height and Angle Adjustable: With 4 adjustable heights and a tiltable design, this crib prevents baby reflux and spit-up, catering to different parental needs. ● Breathable Mesh and Easy to Clean: The two-side mesh ensures visibility and ventilation, while the washable linen material and zipper design offer easy cleaning for a hygienic sleep environment. ● Stable Bracket and Solid Structure: A fully cloth-wrapped iron frame protects the baby, while the stable base and certified safety offer peace of mind. ● Easy to Carry: The lightweight design and included carry bag make this bedside sleeper ideal for travel, ensuring your baby's comfort and safety on the go. Specifications ● Color: Gray/beige/blue/green/pink ● Material: Iron + aluminum + linen fabric ● Overall size: 38" x 19.5"-27.5" x 26.5"-34" (L x W x H) ● Carrying bag size: 37.5'' x 6'' x 19.5'' (L x W x H) ● Adjustable height: 26.5", 29", 31.5", 34" ● Net weight: 17 lbs ● Applicable age: 0-6 Months ● Load-bearing: 20 lbs This bedside crib offers peace of mind with its safe, adjustable design and easy cleaning, ensuring your baby sleeps securely and comfortably right by your side.